jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015


Today we will continue talking about circular routes. This one calls for a medium physical condition or you will finish exhausted. It takes 5 hours and its lenght is around 17 km. So I recommend to take a rest 1 or 2 times at least.

This time we will start in Maisa Lloter's sport center because there is a big car park and we can use it.

The first thing we will see today is the Sella's dam. It is amazing. It was the second time I was in a dam. But I liked it more than the Guadalest's dam which was my first time. I don't know why. But I am sure that you will agree with me.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015


Good evening friends! 

Thinking about my experience going hiking I believe necessary to talk to you about my unconditional mates. 

I bought it three years ago, when I was preparing all my luggage to go to Camino de Santiago, and now I can't conceive a walk without it. I'm talking about my Asics Gel-Fuji Trabuco.

My Gel-Fuji Trabuco shoes
These shoes incorporates a perfect sole for running and hiking for the most difficult surfaces. In addition, the deep grooves of their sole provide grip during ascents and descents. Is important to say that if you use to going runnig or hiking on asphalt surfaces you'll wear away the deep groves and lose this characteristic of the shoes too early. 

Another thing to underline of these shoes are its air chambers localizated on the back of the shoes. It allows you to attenuate the coup during the phases of impact and drive the foot and favors movement in multiple planes as the foot makes the transition during the stride cycle.

And the last thing I love of these shoes is its lace pocket. I never had a shoes with this complement and I like to introduce my laces into this little pocket and forget it until I finish my route. I think it's a fantastic idea!! 

Visit the website of Asics to see the trail shoes on this link

Hope you enjoy the information!


What is IBP index?

The IBP index is an automatic valuation system that scores the hardness of a mountain bike, road bike, hiking or running trail.
This index is very useful to know the difficulty of different trails by comparing them.
It is very important not to confuse the difficulty of a trail with the effort that will take us to realize it: an IBP index of 60 will be a very hard trail for a debutant, normal for someone with a medium preparation and very easy for a professional.

  Suffering or efforts of a trail = fitness + race pace + climatologic conditions + IBP
The index is obtained by analyzing the latitude, longitude and height data registered by a GPS device. The distances done in the different sections of ups and downs (1%, 2%,3%,4%,etc..), the total ascended and descended meters, average ratios of climb and descend, the mileage of height and the ramps’ distribution are taken into account.

Applying a standardized mathematic formula you obtain a punctuation between 0 and infinite. This punctuation is 100% objective because it doesn’t take into account subjective values such as climatology, the fitness or the race pace.

The system detects automatically how the trail has been made. Therefore, the difficulty index that is going to be obtained will be followed by the following abbreviations: BYC for cycling trails, HKG for hiking trails and RNG for running trails.

It is also possible to obtain de IBP index of a trail drawn in a map manually, as long as the trail points contain the height. In this case the index will be followed by the abbreviations DRW. However, the index obtained this way won’t have the same reliability, due to the precision mistakes when marking the points or altitude mesh’s mistakes.

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martes, 5 de mayo de 2015


Good morning riders!!

Today I want to show you a bike, but not a normal one, this one is a special one. 

What has Yeti SB5 to makes it special? The most characteristic thing is its double suspension, which is the newest on the market. The sistem of this suspension is Switch Infinity.
From Guijarro Altas del pi
With it 127mm lenght on the suspension it's the most versatile bike for all types of land. 

Talking about its frame, I have to underline that it is made with carbon, so it's to light. 

From Guiijarro Altas del pi

One of the things that stand out these bycicles is you can customized it to your liking on the website. For this reason is for what I'm going to give the link to enter on the website and enjoy your making process. 

Hope these handlebars can drive you to some of our routes!!
From Guijarro Altas del pi

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015


Mavic's catalog of cycling shoes is one of the largest and most recognizable in the market. One reason for this is that all their shoes maintain a well-marked sign of identity. 

There are a lot of different shoes desings and prices. Our recommendation today is about the Mavic Tempo. A very good shoes for MTB. It costs around 150€. But it worths.

Mavic Tempo